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  • This dress is a collaborative project between SURI, our dear friend Madhu Ji, founder of the Saheliwomen, and our talented friend, artist and embroidery manager of the Saheliwomen: Shobha. 


    The practical realization was all done by Shobha. 

    This artwork  took her one and a half month in creation, since every single square centimeters is embroidered by her hands.

    Shobha is a women we truly admire. Her talent, her light, her strength and her fighting spirit are remarkable. She is blooming beautifully from inside out. 

    Shobha is a widow and a mother of two. Since the day her husband died, she had to move back to her fathers house. Living there included adopting a subordinated role in his household and sharing her income while simultaneously sustaining herself & her children.

    She needed to meet her parents demands as well as societal demands as a widow and member of the lowest cast, the Dalit. Her effort of keeping the wheel turning was exhausting. The more it is admirable how she shoulders these burden while creating an indenpendet living.

    The idea was to support her indenpendence by using the revenue of this dress to finance a house construction for Shobha and her kids. 

    Since this was an urgent matter, the house has already been build and the Saheliwomen took over the cost. So still, the revenue of this dress will be donated to the Saheliwomen and benefit their financial resources for any ethically driven projects they are working on. 

    Shobha Dress

    2.219,00 €Price
    Color: Natural
      • Tailored evening gown
      • A-line silhouette 
      • Plunging v-neckline
      • Fairytale sleeves 
      • Floral-inspired shimmering pearl and crystal beaded, embroidered appliqués
      • Mermaid bottom 
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