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"Our creative dreams and yearnings come form a divine source. As we move toward our dreams, we move toward our divinity.“

Julia Cameron 

Weaving in indegenious cultures is a way to keep the sacred wisdom of their cultures and traditions alive. Pulling together the threads into one picture, that continues  telling the stories of heritage to the descendant souls.


Indigenous handicraft relies on an ancient technology, representing the necessity of both, male and female qualities to create something beneficial and impactful for the community. It is balance and equilibrium in materialized form, since it incorporates mathematical, logical processes and creativity, awareness and delicate physical devotion.


Weaving is a haptic medium. It has a structural element, communicating on multiple layers. It is an organic form that you can feel, look at and listen to, discovering its soul beyond its physical structures. The diversity of pattern woven into existence,  tracing natural shapes and colours, give us a glimpse of the prestige and importance that ancient cultures gave to both, the art of the earth's garden and  this organic medium, communicating wisdom and gratitude. Through woven art, they cherished the soil, the water, the stone and the wind. They honored mother earth for nourishing and nurturing. For creating art every moment anew.

The message of woven art refers to the quality of change, turning something hard into soft. It reflects the qualities of each organic form, teaching us that something tight and precise can transcend into something loose and light.


We believe that these traditions and practices must be preserved and supported more than ever. This art form keeps  awareness and appreciation for natural structures and beauty alive in us. They serve as a guide for transforming a dense world into a light and permeable world. Serving us tools and solutions on a silver platter.

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