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Water in the Desert

Water in the Desert is about nourishment and nutriment. It is about the secrets of elements, flowers, art, inspiration and its message transmitted to us. WATER IN THE DESERT is a tribute to creativity as the natural order of life.

The abundance of flowers and the diversity of flora give us a glimpse of the prestige and importance that ancient cultures gave to the art of the garden. Flowers appear when water touches the earth and the elements melt into magic. Flowers in the Desert are the embodiment of wonders: Though the natural conditions seem to not allow life to flourish, yet it does and so do flowers bloom in the Desert. Symbol of the Rajasthani Desert is the dancing peacock. She depicts self-confidence, dignity, refinement, knowledge and beauty. Her magnificent feathers fanned out and her dance represent the rain-bearing clouds carrying life and the initiation of a new cycle. 


Bhikamkor is a rural Village located in the middle of the Thar Desert. The Saheliwomen of Bhikamkor live and create in the Desert. With that, they live with the rhythms of the seasons, always adapting themselves and their lifestyles to the earth’s natural cycles, her seasons and all changes and challenges that come with it. They represent the flowers, the wonders, of the Desert; and so they flourish, embodying the art of creation. Every garment is a homage to the incredible Saheliwomen and with it, to the elementary forces of creation: the soils we are rooted in, the inner and outer waters that keep us alive, the stones, that give us shelter and the winds, that keep us breathing. They remind us that mother earth is that creative force, infusing all life, nourishing and nurturing. Creating art every moment anew. 


With this campaign we worship the wonders, happening in a world that looks like a barren Desert. We want to remind us, that magic unfolds where creativity is being practiced as appreciation in gratitude for the blossoming of life. 


With WATER IN THE DESERT we honour women creating art, that is keeping the awareness alive for us and in us. Both, to be peaceful, strong and deeply rooted. 


Orkun Akcil

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