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„Protect the natural systems as if your life depends on it, because it does.“  

Sylvia Earle

We believe that our responsibility is to make peace with the earth by inviting our naturally arising inner wisdom to unfold: our creativity. Creativity as Ressource is the most valuable component when it comes to constructive activism. It is a privilege, which we need to share with beings, who do not have the same stable and safe foundation as we have and which is essential to access creativity.


We believe that preserving our environment and strengthening women in rural communities is key for seeding a healthy future. 


We focus on ecological and ethical concerns on our everyday good clothing, uncovering the leading cause of Missmanagements of (ethical) industries. Our products are made of Deadstock materials or leftovers, since we believe in Upcycling as a great way to rethink waste. We love to work with fabrics, such as IKAT or KHADI that have a truly sustainable impact for rural communities since they are artistically handcrafted in villages and allow the communities to generate income without needing to move into urban areas and run jobs in destructive industries. 

Our mission is to create economies based on creativity, with humour, with hope, with art and ingenuity.


The creative ability of finding answers and responding ethically to our contemporary ecological, social and economical grievances, is our privilege and responsiblity as human species. Foundation of human creativity is education, skill, intelligence, empathy, curiosity and bravery. Non of them has space to develop if you are facing economic bottlenecks. For Those qualities to unfold, a safe space and secured livelihood is needed. With every garment, we invest in the accessibility of those qualities for women, who are not yet as privileged as we are. 

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