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Creativity as Ressource

The most important component when it comes to reclaiming balance for us as species and therefore for the earth, is creativity. Our divine capacity as human species to find answers that we transform into new solutions.

Foundation of the human creativity are education, talent, intelligence, ingenuity, curiosity and courage. 

The special gift we have, is to imagine our future. But since intelligence did not create a rich, healthy and wonderful world in balance, we require more than intelligence. We require wisdom!


There is a chance to restore our home, to re-establish balance, to rewild nature and rebuild diversity, to reserve indigenous wisdom and replace ourselves in the one big ecosystem called earth.

It is the law of nature, that a species can only thrive if the environment around does. We are now planting the seeds for our future. 

Women rising 

By raising the standard of living around the world, without increasing our impact on the world. Which literally means taking action against poverty, giving access to healthcare and, and this is key, enabling gils in particular to get to experience education.


Taking a look into indenious cultures, their wisdom and the systems they build in accordance, may give us a glimpse of how we can build a sustainable, healthy and balanced future that benefits all beings.


„Strategies that promote women's empowerment needs to originate from the local community to account for the different cultural understandings of the term. Incorporating indigenous worldviews may improve the chances that projects aimed at empowering women actually will meet the needs that correspond to these women.“                                                       

Melissa Klara Vonimary Søvik
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