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Pulling cultural threads together, weaving creativity into livelihood. 

Saheli Women

Saheli Women is a non-profit social enterprise aiming to to empower women through skills development and the creation of meaningful livelihood opportunities.


Saheli women is a nonprofit and ethical fashion social enterprise established in 2015 by an incredibly impressive and inspiring woman: Madhu Vaishnav. She created the non-profit Organization ‚Institute for Humanitarian Development’ in northern India, that helps develop rural villages by empowering girls and women with programs in finance, health and education. 

Saheli Women is one branch of the Organization, aiming to create financial independence for the women of Bhikamkor in rural Rajasthan and lately for the women of the Pakistani Slum in Jodhpur by providing skills development and work in an ethical fashion Atelier in the Rajasthani Desert. 



This project allows the women to create a sustainable livelihood that benefits themselves, their families and their communities. This female community sets and example: Working on the grassroot level, Saheli Women recodes ethical fashion. They proof that women, creating clothes, are more than a production unit. They are the most colorful arts and craft Atelier in the middle of the Thar desert, sharing and connecting the unique Indian textile culture to the world. In a space that is free from religion and cast discrimination, the women work self-organised, based on their capacity and earning very fair wages, far beyond the average. Most of them are the only income earner in their families. Today, Saheliwomen gives shelter to 44 empowered women, allowing them to learn, to grow and to creatively create magic.

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Reflections from Madhu:

"Sometimes, people ask me why we work only with women. It is globally recognised that when money flows into the hands of women, they spend it on nutritious food, healthcare, and on the education of their children. They direct it into their families and communities, aiding them to progressively move out of poverty, and the positive effects of this spread well beyond their immediate circle.

At Saheli Women, we have seen this in action many times. When women

gain access to information, tools and resources, they gain a sense of power which they use to lift up those around them. It all begins with women sharing their journeys with one another."


We look forward to telling you more about our new partner tribe in Bali soon.

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