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  • This coat is not only a piece of ART but also a piece of HEART.


    This coat only exists once. It is a handcrafted piece of art that makes you feel one of a kind and luxurious when you wear it. 

    It is crafted by Reekha and Shobha Ji. Elaborately hand embroidered in accordance with ancient Rajasthani embroider practices by talented Shobha Ji.
    This artwork came to life lovingly in Saheliwomen’s colorful atelier in Bhikamkor, a small village near the Thar Desert in rural Rajasthan.

    The idea for starting SURI basically begun with this coat.

    The spark was the blue peace velvet silk fabric. A high quality Silk fabric, that allows the silkworm to emerge from their cocoon and complete their natural life cycle. The empty cocoons are then used to produce silk. This fabric is also known as ethical silk, peace silk or non violent silk and is particularly valuable. 

    The fabric was laying in the Studio’s closet, without use. 

    It was a collaborative idea with Madhu Ji, founder of the Saheliwomen, to breathe life back into these fibers.

    The embroidery design is inspired by the most important symbol in Rajasthan: the peacock. Commonly associated in India with its dance and with its magnificent feathers fanned out, is the appearance of dark rain-bearing clouds and celebration of the onset of the monsoons. The phase of nourishing waters, caring for life to blossom, is symbolized by the blue color of the peace silk fabric. 

     This coat is an homage to our beautiful, fascinating and magical earth and her waters that keep us pure, clean and alive. When water touches the earth, elements melt into magic and flowers appear. Flowers in the Desert, the embodiment of miracles, messengers of the messages of the earth.

    Peace Velvet Dream Coat - Aritha

    690,00 €Price
    Color: Blue
      • Tailored belted Coat
      • Subtle padded shoulders
      • Delicate, female silhouette that accentuates the waist
      • Floral-inspired hand-embroidered appliqués 
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